The "Blood Vessels" chapter of the review questions has several formulas which note that you should know them and also understand them. Here are some sample questions, based on those review questions.

For review question #55:
Blood vessel A has a radius of 2mm and blood vessel B has a radius of 4mm. Which of the following statements describes the relative resistance to blood flow contributed by the two vessels (where R = resistance)?

A) RA = 2 x RB
B) RA = 16 x RB
C) RB = 2 x RA
D) RB = 16 x RA

For review question 56:
In a blood vessel, the pressure drops from 120 mmHg at point A to 100 mmHg at point B. If R = 4 minxmmHg/L, what is F?

A) 20 L/min
B) 5 L/min
C) 120 L/min
D) 100 L/min

For review question 57:
If the MAP is 105 mmHg and the total peripheral resistance is 15 minxmmHg/L, what is the cardiac output?

A) 7 L / min
B) 105 L / min
C) 5 L / min
D) 15 L / min

For review question 67:
If a patient's blood pressure is 120/90, what is his or her mean arterial pressure?

A) 120 mmHg
B) 90 mmHg
C) 105 mmHg
D) 100 mmHg

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Answers: B, B, A, D