In addition to the links on the main "Online Resources" page, the following items may be of interest as you try to master the pronunciation of terms in A&P.

In addition to Merck's site (linked to from the Online Resources page - press the BACK button!), several other sites will pronounce the words for you:

h o w j s a y . c o m

This site will pronounce the word for you (assuming your computer has speakers, of course)! I've tested several words and phrases from class to see if the site's list includes them, and found them all. (I checked areolar, basale, carotid, calcaneal, cristae, olecranon, and olecranal before deciding that this was a fantastic site!) 

Other sites also offer this service, in a more limited way:

Merriam Webster also offers many audio pronunciation guides. If you are on-campus, visit this site by first accessing the CCBC library's website and following the link you find there: the college subscribes and has access to a greater number of words.

Here are some other possibilities (for those hard-to-find words):