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R. Michael Anson, Ph.D.


Work Phone: (443) 840-3750

Email: anson@jhu.edu

Mailing Address:

CCBC School of Mathematics & Science

7200 Sollers Point Road, RM. E210B

Baltimore, MD 21222


Associate Professor

School of Mathematics and Science

The Community College of Baltimore County



Johns Hopkins University

Biology, 1999

"Quantitation Of The Oxidatively Induced DNA Lesion 8-Oxo-dG, And Its Repair, In Mammalian Mitochondrial DNA."


University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Biochemistry, 1990

Cum Laude

Departmental Honors


George Sacher Student Award,” Gerontological Society of America (1997)

Best Pre-doctoral Poster Presentation,” Nathan Shock Foundation (1996)

Excellence in Teaching,” E.I. DuPont (1994)

Outstanding Student Achievement in Chemistry,” American Chemical Society (1987)


Oxidative damage to mitochondria is commonly hypothesized to play a causal role in senescence. My graduate research concerned the measurement of oxidative DNA damage, and mechanisms of its repair, in mitochondrial DNA. I published nine peer-reviewed articles in that area. After graduation, my focus shifted to a different question in the field of biogerontology. Caloric intake modulates the rate of aging in many species. As a post-doc and in my initial position as an assistant professor, I worked to develop new models for elucidating the underlying mechanism by which this modulation occurs. I published several peer-reviewed articles in this area, including a May 2003 study commented upon by major news services (CNN, CBS, etc.) which found that for C57Bl/6 mice, intermittent fasting without change in net caloric intake mimics many of the effects seen when daily caloric intake is altered. Currently, given that my present position does not include laboratory facilities, my contributions have shifted toward the intellectual (via collaborations and the publication of reviews and hypotheses papers).


2004 - present

Associate Professor (2009); Assistant Professor (2004-2009), School of Mathematics and Science, The Community College of Baltimore County, Dundalk Campus, Dundalk, MD, USA

2001 - 2004:

Associate Professor (2004); Assistant Professor (2001-2004), Biochemistry Department, St. George's University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies

1999 - 2001:

Post-doctoral Fellow (IRTA), Nutritional and Molecular Physiology Unit, Laboratory of Neurosciences, National Institute on Aging, NIH


Adjunct Faculty, The Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus

1992 -1999:

Ph.D. Candidate, Biology Department, Johns Hopkins University and pre-IRTA, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, NIA, NIH


Laboratory Technician/Special Volunteer, with Dr. Richard Cutler, Molecular Physiology and Genetics Section, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, NIA, NIH


Chemist, Molecular Physiology and Genetics Section, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, NIA, NIH

1988 -1990:

Physical Science Aide, Molecular Physiology and Genetics Section, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, NIA, NIH


(presented in reverse chronological order)

The Community College of Baltimore County

Course Committee Member & Instructor

Course development and delivery for the two semester “Anatomy & Physiology” courses and for the one semester “Molecular and Cellular Biology” course.

St. George’s University

Course Director & Instructor

Course development and delivery for the Graduate Program’s "Biology of Aging" course and for the School of Arts and Sciences’ undergraduate "Molecular Biology" course.


Deliver lectures for several of the School of Medicine’s graduate level courses: “Biochemistry,” “Medical Genetics,” and “Immunology.” Topics included:

  • techniques in molecular biology

  • biology of reactive oxygen

  • molecular detection of genetic disease

  • cancer and the control of the cell cycle

The Community College of Baltimore County


Prepare and deliver lectures and examinations and supervise previously planned student ‘experiments’ in an undergraduate, introductory biology laboratory.

The Johns Hopkins University

Teaching Assistant

Prepare and deliver review sessions and quizzes, and supervise previously planned student ‘experiments,’ in undergraduate, introductory “Biochemistry” and “Cell Biology” laboratory classes. (1 semester each)


American Aging Association

The Gerontological Society of America


Editorial Board Member, Open Longevity Science (formerly The Open Aging Journal” (start date, July 2007 - 2011)

Guest Co-editor, Journal of Gerontology, Medical and Biological Sciences Special Issue on Exceptional Longevity, 2011 (in preparation)


AgeUK (formerly Help the Aged), http://www.ageuk.org.uk/

Breast Cancer Campaign, http://breastcancercampaign.org

JOURNAL REVIEWER (2005 – Present; Prior Reviews Omitted):

QJM: An International Journal of Medicine; Experimental Biology and Medicine; Rejuvenation Research; Obesity Research; Obesity; Journal of Gerontology, Biological Sciences; Neurobiology of Aging


May, 2006: "Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology," by Shier, D., Butler, J., Lewis, R. (Review of 11th edition for planning of 12th edition.) McGraw-Hill Higher Education, New York, NY

April, 2006: "Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology," Martini, F.H. (Review of 7th edition for planning of 8th edition.) Pearson-Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, CA


Extensive experience with analytical DNA purification, PCR, Southern blotting, western blotting, and supportive techniques (e.g., single and double stranded probe preparation, antibody characterization, etc.), mammalian cell culture, hepatocyte isolation, small rodent handling, receptor binding assays; experience with organelle isolation, enzyme kinetics, HPLC, kinase assays, DNA sequencing.


Computer skills include extensive experience with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, and XP, OpenOffice, WebCT, StudyMate Author, ExamView, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Lotus QuickPlace, LXR (examination database and test administration software), ImageQuant (gel analysis software), Endnote (reference management software), Adobe Acrobat Professional, and Paint Shop Pro (image editor); moderate experience with Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu), Web-based gene analysis and search sites (e.g., BLAST, UniGene, etc.), and Microsoft Access (including use of visual basic); some programming experience (BASIC, assembly language; familiar with Fortran, visual basic) and web page design (primarily using Kompozer).


Anson R.M., Moulton H., co-organizers. "Oh, No, Not A Cane! Stepping Carefully Toward Solutions to Frailty." Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America 1998

Anson R.M., Handy A., co-organizers. "Calories, Free Radicals, and Gene Homology: Examining the Sacred Cows of Today's Biogerontological Research." Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America 1999


Anson, R.M. “Could hunger be the key hormetic signal?” Body Weight, Adiposity, Energetics, & Longevity Conference, St. Simons Island, Georgia, November, 2007

(POSTER FORMAT – Presentations given prior to 2005 are omitted.):

Anson R.M., “Caloric Restriction In Humans: Considerations For Implementation” Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America 2006

Anson R.M., “Should We Restrict Our Studies of Dietary Restriction?” Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America 2007


Invited Papers & chapters

Anson, R.M. "The Influence of Cyclic Dietary Intake on Health and Longevity." In Robitaille, F.P., ed.: Diet Therapy Research Trends, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, pp 5-34, 2007

Anson, R.M., Hansford, R.G. "Mitochondrial influence on aging rate in Caenorhabditis elegans." Aging Cell, 3(1), 29-34, 2004.

Anson, R.M., Bohr, V.A. "Mitochondria, oxidative DNA damage, and aging." Journal of the American Aging Association (formerly AGE), 23, 199-218, 2000.

General Peer Reviewed Publications

Minor, R.K., López, M., Younts, C.M., Jones, B., Pearson, K.J., Anson, R.M., Diéguez, C., de Cabo, R. "The arcuate nucleus and neuropeptide Y contribute to the antitumorigenic effect of calorie restriction." Aging Cell. 10(3), 483-492, 2011.

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Electronic Publications

Anson, R.M. “1700+ Review Questions for Anatomy & Physiology I.” 3rd edition, August 2006. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Freely available at: http://student.ccbcmd.edu/~ranson/A&P_Review_Question_e-Books/A&P_e-Books.html

Anson, R.M. “ 3600-Plus Review Questions for Anatomy & Physiology, Volume 2” 3rd edition, December 2008. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Freely available at: http://student.ccbcmd.edu/~ranson/A&P_Review_Question_e-Books/A&P_e-Books.html