It's been an enjoyable phase of my life. Some notes ...

1) If you're one of my former students, please, drop me a line sometimes to say how you're doing, or friend me on FB, or something. (It makes a teacher's life feel worthwhile to know that we're remembered. I still remember searching for my own favorite teachers to brag about my Ph.D., back in the day, only to learn that they'd all died. I wish I'd done it sooner.)

2) If you were planning to take one of my classes, first: good luck with your career! Second: I don't know what my life holds, now. The future is a blank ticket. It may include tutoring or online instruction and such, though, so check back or drop me a line if you are interested in such. (No promises. It may include only a rocking chair on a porch and beer. Probably not, though --- about a week of that and I'll get bored.)

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